Cared for patients in the immediate post-operative period; CABG, thoracotomy, craniotomies, heart valve replacement, vascular surgeries and other large surgical procedures. Maintained and monitored chest tubes, appropriate assessment and intervention for optimal pain management via PCA/CADD pumps. Healthcare Management Jobs Near Me, Nursing Assistant Served in Rehabilitation Center and Transitional Care. Job Description: We are currently seeking an experienced PCU RN to join our team on a contract basis in Mesa, AZ. Qualifications Current licensure in good standing in the state of practice Evidence of 1 year of adult intermediate care nursing experience within the past two years Responsible for patient assessments, monitoring, and care plans. Worked as RN on a pre-op/post-op burn unit. Since 1997, allnurses is trusted by nurses around the globe. If you have, this course is for you. The Medical Progressive Care Unit (MPCU) provides specialized care for patients with diagnoses including angina, sub-acute MI, and congestive heart failure (CHF). The average Progressive Care Nurse salary in San Francisco, CA is $110,446 as of , but the salary range typically falls between $97,693 and $124,178. Provided direct nursing care to patients including administering medications as prescribed by physician or other authorized prescriber within scope of practice. Personal Information. Specialty: PCU - Progressive Care Unit. Collaborated with healthcare team using nursing process to ensure quality care to patients and their families. Three common soft skills for a progressive care nurse are communication skills, compassion and detail oriented. Responsibilities include admission & discharge, accurate assessment, patient & family teaching, medication administration, wound care including wound vac application and maintenance, phlebotomy, telemetry, blood administration, monitoring of VS, peritoneal dialysis, EKGs, chest tube management, tube feeding, assist MD with bedside procedures, and conscious sedation. Manage and conduct yearly evaluations, staff scheduling, and disciplinary action procedures, Manage time and attendance, Performance Improvement Projects, bi-yearly validations, tracking of mandatory licensure and certifications of all staff, Active member of multiple patient care and critical care committees, leader of monthly unit meetings, and responsible for succession planning of staff, Monitor compliance, quality initiatives, and JCAHO standards, patient and staff founding, mentoring of employee's through work with CNE and CNS, Responsible for staff budgeting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff and initiator of frontline staff satisfaction committees, Provide instruction classes in multiple critical care and CCRN Classes. Provide direct primary nursing care of complex patients in a Level 3 NICU unit. Provided assessment, implementation, and evaluation of care to adult cardiac telemetry patients. They can provide care to patients who need constant observation or monitoring. allnurses, LLC, 175 Pearl St Ste 355, Brooklyn NY 11201 Managed patients on Intra-aortic Balloon Pump (IABP), Completed training to manage patient's on Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT). Balance knowledge of pathophysiology and pharmacology to best care for critically ill patients. Carry out prescribed medical treatments/procedures, initiate catheters/ IV's, and work closely with physicians and other healthcare staff to ensure optimal patient care. Job Summary and Qualifications The Progressive Care Registered Nurse coordinates and delivers high quality, patient-centered care. First, let me preface by saying that every hospital is different. Worked collaborately with interdisciplinary team and families of patients to provide quality care. Skills : Attention To Detail, MS Office, Outlook, Rave Medidata, ECRF, Phlebotomy, ECG, Epic Medical Records, Organized, Management. Educate families and provide emotional support. Keep an eye on your heart and other vital signals. Provide nursing care to cardiac patients of a step-down unit consisting of 36 beds. Report information systems security problems Responds to patient care and/or critical care transport unit calls according to program standards Selected by management to undergo training in ExtraCorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) procedure; utilize therapy to benefit patients with severe catastrophic lung or heart injuries. In some cases, a progressive care unit may be classified into specialized units such as, a cardiac progressive care unit or a medical progressive care unit. Initiated care plans that were appropriate for the patient's condition. Think of it as your quick pitch where you explain your most important attributes. Responsibilities but not limited to the following: Evaluate and monitor patient's progress, exceptional assessment skills; Identify sudden or subtle changes in the patient's medical condition Can enter this field with only 2-3 years of postsecondary education*. These professionals take care of patients diagnosed with cardiac disease or brain injuries, accident victims, or patients recuperating from complex surgeries. Maintain airways and oxygenation status for respiratory failure patients using high-flow oxygen, Optiflow, CPAP and BiPAP Closely monitor acute conditions, such as Afib RVR, sepsis, COPD and CHF exacerbations, hypo- and hypertensive crises, STEMIs and NSTEMIs, DKA and hypoglycemia, and CVAs Strong career prospects (19% job growth from 2012-22)*. Industry Knowledge: EKG, Vital Signs, Geriatric Care, Patient Assessment, Hematology, Pharmacology, Nursing Process 12 months of Progressive Care Unit experience is required. The workday starts at 7 a.m. and ends at 7 p.m. Paid time off (PTO) Various health insurance options & wellness plans Retirement benefits including employer match plans Long-term & short-term disability Employee assistance programs (EAP . 1175 Holt Street. Use this Progressive Care Nurse resume example and guide to improve your career and write a powerful resume that will separate you from the competition. Progressive Care Nurse Responsibilities: Studying patients' charts, medication regimens, and test results upon admittance to the progressive care unit. Registered Nurse with over 31 years of experience providing and overseeing quality nursing care to promote healing, provide hope, and preserve dignity for each patient. Manage 1-2 patients per 12-hour shift; report to Cardiothoracis Surgeon team and Advance Practice Providers. Responsible for monitoring CVP, A-Lines, and Swann catheters. Working in the various settings: pediatric intensive care, pediatric intermediate care, and general pediatrics. Worked in the intensive care department and provided care to critically ill patients. The rehabilitation staff nurse designs and implements treatment strategies that are based on scientific nursing theory related to self-care and that promote physical . Simply create a new header for certifications and licenses after the education section. Extensive experience in monitoring patient's vitals, neurological signs, assistance in the insertion of invasive hemodynamic monitoring as well as care of the complex surgical patient. Many of these patients will need diagnostic tests and interventional treatments such as cardiac catheterization, angioplasty, or stent placement. Designed to help you gain a practical understanding of the theoretical frameworks of behavioral economics and operations management in the health care setting, this course will help you apply these frameworks to assess health care practices and apply innovation while managing risk. Senior National Hiring Manager. Located at the very top of your resume, the header gives your contact information. Deliver compassionate care to patients directly after open heart, vascular, and thoracic surgeries. Welcome to Trauma Emergencies and Care. As a PCU RN, you will be responsible for providing high-quality patient . Obtain vital signs, measurements, weights, routine specimens and other requirements and assess current physical condition. Collaborated with other clinical and ancillary departments to ensure seamless care of patients. and BLS, American Heart Association. by NCC News and Content Team | Mar 1, 2023 | Hospitals, Specialties. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. Drug abuse can lead to drug dependence and a myriad of other devastating effects. As a progressive care nurse, youre tasked with providing high-quality, compassionate care to patients with complex medical needs. These individuals have to take many drugs and are at a higher risk of developing problems. When you apply for a job as a progressive care nurse, your resume will likely be scanned by an applicant tracking system (ATS) for certain keywords. One of the best ways to acquire the skills needed to be a progressive care nurse is to take an online course. This course should be taken after the Symptom Management course and continues building your primary palliative care skills communication, psychosocial support, goals of care, and symptom management. Progressive Care Nurse, August 2009 Present. The summary statement of your resume is your chance to sell yourself for the job. Organized collaboration with other health care professionals and chaplains to provide spiritual care to all persons in the Institute. Attend Information Systems security training, when offered. Coordinate with physicians and other multidisciplinary healthcare professionals for creating and evaluating individualised care plans for patients. pt, and in discharge patient planning teaching. As mentioned, you may put certifications in your education section, but because certifications and licenses are essential in this profession, you probably want to put them in their own section. Direct patient care according to the rehabilitation regime. Assess and evaluate patient care for an assigned group of patients, utilizing evidence-based practice; Assists provider with patient assessment, examinations and treatments; Perform basic medical procedures under the supervision of a provider, including set up of procedures. Help the doctor and other healthcare professionals in meeting the patients requirements, Flexible in handling different patients emotional states. Resume.doc | .docx | .pdf * By applying with TotalMed I opt-in to being contacted via SMS and email Because the responsibilities that a PCU nurse may be asked to undertake vary from hospital to hospital and even day to day a PCU nurse must possess a diverse set of abilities. Collaborated with interdisciplinary team to develop individualized care plans for patients, resulting in improved patient satisfaction ratings, Conducted frequent assessments and implemented interventions based on the results of those assessments, Maintained a clean and organized work environment by following infection control policies and procedures, Ensured that all equipment was properly calibrated before use, Documented daily progress notes, including vital signs, observations, treatments administered, and patient responses. Some patients have greater needs than the limited care offered in medical-surgical units but do not meet the criteria to justify transfer to intensive care. Progressive care unit nursing bridges the gap between ICU and medical-surgical units. Approval: Rudy Jackson Date: October 2022 Department: Acute Medical/Progressive Care-D6/5/93520 HR Approval: Jenny Derks Date: October 2022 JOB SUMMARY The Registered Nurse systematically and continuously collects and assesses data in . Love what you read? Monitored vital signs, adequacy of ventilation, and levels of consciousness and pain. If your resume doesnt have enough of the right terms, your application might not make it past the initial screening process. The Palliative Care Always Capstone course is designed to let you test your knowledge about palliative and help others understand the value of palliative care, while showing your creative side. Successful resumes for this position mention an Associates or Bachelors Degree and state nursing license. Your responsibilities as a PCU nurse can vary from one day to the next. Promoted quality care in a safe environment with collaborations of staff and physicians. .2020 Dec 13 Served as a charge nurse and preceptor on a 16-bed adult progressive care unit with telemetry capabilities for cardiac monitoring. Provided patient care in telemetry units and float nurse duties in the Med/Surg unit. Charge Nurse duties.Skills UsedCPR, BLS, ACLS, PALS, TELEMETRY. Basic Life Support (BLS) . Unless specifically stated otherwise, such references are not intended to imply any affiliation or association with LiveCareer. Titrated multiple vasopressors, inotropes, and other cardiac supportive drips to maintain hemodynamic stability. 5 Advantages Of Being A PCU Nurse On The Road. Highly reputable and nationally recognized nursing job board, skilled in assessing and treating acutely ill patients by monitoring vital signs, detecting changes, and performing interventions if necessary. As mentioned, the ICU team involves critical care, and an ICU nurse plays a key role in the formation. And they have to be compelling enough to make them want to read the rest of your resume. Take histories and perform ongoing assessments of physical and mental status, Coordinate patient care, social work referrals, and outpatient treatment. Participated in patient care conferences, care and rehabilitation needs of each Intensive Care Nurse certification may be required by some employers. You will need to be proficient in the use of technology in order to effectively do your job. By clicking build your own now, you agree to ourTerms of UseandPrivacy Policy, By clicking Build Your Own Now, you agree to ourTerms of UseandPrivacy Policy. Patient centered care and relationship builder for professional development and hospital advancement. Administer primary care to medically complex patients including ventilator & trach patients. Monitored fluid intake and output to detect emerging problems such as fluid and electrolyte imbalances. Most of these patients have been moved from critical care to these specialized progressive care units following a surgical procedure. Demonstrate responsiveness and professionalism in a high-tech, fast-paced environment. That's well above the average salaries of nurses who work in a single location. Provide nursing care to critically ill adults requiring telemetry, ventilator support and cardiac drips. Assess patient conditions and administer medications. Coordinated bedside patient care for those coming out of the ICU and those coming in with heart related illnesses. Critical thinking to care for intensive care patients. Typically, this section follows work experience, and you want to include all your postsecondary education. . is also known as a step-down unit from the ICU. Professional Summary. Performed complicated wound assessments and recommended interventions for 103 long term care and approximately 40 acute care patients. Details. Provide compassionate patient care striving to exceed the Mission and Core Values of the ministry. Assess patient status and notify physicians of clinical changes. Managed cardiac intravenous drips and medication regimen for optimum recovery. Performed 24 hour chart checks Provided patient care in an interdisciplinary team environment Coordinate care with different interdisciplinary team members. Manage patients with chest tubes, drains, and wound vacs. Lake Worth, FL 33463. Attend Leadership Meetings and participate in Leadership Rounding. Prioritize interventions in critically ill patients. List these in the same way you listed your education. We partner with our Nurses at HCA Florida Northwest Hospital! Developed by a team of experts in caring for cancer survivors, and narrated by a primary-care physician, this course provides practical tips and tools that can be easily integrated into medical practice. Job Title: PCU RN. Therapist NC, please forward your resume and references to . You will learn how to create a survivorship care plan and how to best support a patient. While mild nausea and vomiting is a common discomfort of pregnancy, patientswith severe cases become diagnosed with hyperemesis by NCC News and Content Team | Dec 22, 2022 | Critical Concepts, Hospitals, Medications. " Sign-on bonus: Up to $10,000.00 Department: Cardiac Progressive Care Unit Schedule: Full time, 12 hour Midnight shift Hospital: Ascension Providence Southfield Location: Southfield, MI Benefits. - As awareness and use of biosimilars Big data is transforming the health care industry relative to improving quality of care and reducing costs--key objectives for most organizations. Here's how patients is used on progressive care nurse resumes: Here's how bls is used on progressive care nurse resumes: Here's how progressive care is used on progressive care nurse resumes: Here's how acute care is used on progressive care nurse resumes: Here's how acls is used on progressive care nurse resumes: Here's how telemetry is used on progressive care nurse resumes: Here's how vital signs is used on progressive care nurse resumes: Here's how icu is used on progressive care nurse resumes: Here's how taking care is used on progressive care nurse resumes: Here's how catheter is used on progressive care nurse resumes: Here's how home health is used on progressive care nurse resumes: Here's how chest tubes is used on progressive care nurse resumes: Here's how rehabilitation is used on progressive care nurse resumes: Here's how quality care is used on progressive care nurse resumes: Here's how cpr is used on progressive care nurse resumes: What Does an Intensive Care Unit Nurse Do, What Does a Medical Surgical Staff Nurse Do, What Does a Registered Nurse Charge Nurse Do, Healthcare Practitioner and Technical Industry. Performed a comprehensive range of clinical functions in the 276-bed acute care facility within the cardiac progressive care unit. Some of the programs and systems that progressive care nurses are typically expected to be proficient in include: Cerner, McKesson, and Epic. License #RN669490 Collaborate with interdisciplinary team to organize care. Monitored hemodynamic stability using Swan-Ganz catheter and arterial line data. This study guide will help you focus your time on what's most important. A progressive care unit can be divided into specialist units, such as a cardiac progressive care unit or a medical progressive care unit, in some situations. Whatever the case may be, weve got the scoop on PCUs! Try using key terms from the posting to give your summary statement a boost. Experienced in taking care of patients on isolation precautions and reverse isolation precautions. and plan of care implementation and collaboration. A progressive care unit (PCU) nurse plays an extremely significant role in helping patients who require intermediate care in getting ready to return home. The course focuses on a framework of evaluating - This course aims to provide education and training, as well as advance knowledge and skills, for health care professionals on the topic of biosimilars, a class of biologic drugs or medical therapies that are highly similar to an existing originator medication that is off patent. Provided care for patients experiencing multi-system organ failure requiring complex Mechanical ventilatory support, CVVH, ECMO, Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Therapy, Pulmonary Artery Lines, Intra-Cranial pressure monitoring, temporary pacing, and Arterial lines. Many factors go into creating a strong resume. Monitor, Performed various tasks and implement direct patient care. Where I work, the IMU is a step down from ICU and a few steps up from regular Med/Surg. Progressive care nurses utilize different devices and technology to monitor patients and must be able to analyze data and react with confidence. This course presents basic principles of cancer survivorship to primary-care physicians. Progressive Care Unit. To wrap up your EMT knowledge we will end this course with information about hazmat situations, extricating patients from tight spots and finally how you write a note about your patient care. Implemented Critical Thinking Skills for all patients. As a result, youll require: If youre ready to become a PCU nurse, apply your resume to the local hospitals or other medical settings now. Provide total patient care and support in an 8 bed Med/Surg Intensive Care Unit, Administration and titration of vasoactive medications. A progressive care unit nurse may work in a highly specialized unit that solely treats cardiac patients, or they may work in a more broad unit that treats patients with several system disorders. Download PDF. Coordinated with interdisciplinary team to provide the best patient care. Act as patient advocate during patient's stay to ensure patient receives best possible care. Intensive Care Nurse certification may be required by some . Utilized critical thinking in a dynamic setting to ensure the safety of every patient, As a charge nurse, worked to help foster an environment of team work and support amongst the small number of skilled nurses on the unit and provided clinical expertise. The Registered Nurse on the PCU Unit will, in addition to basic preparation, acquire advanced knowledge in the psychosocial, spiritual, pathophysiological, and therapeutic components specific to the care of the patients requiring step-down care and cardiac monitoring BLS certification upon hire ACLS certification with 6 months - 1 year Close monitoring and management of acute care/PCU patients facilitating progress towards discharge or inpatient status. Using the templates, you can rest assured that the structure and format of your Progressive Care Nurse resume is top notch. 2-3:1 nurse ratio, no vents, no unconscious patients. Become A Certified Home Health Aide, Personal Care Aide, Nurse Aide/ Caregiver At The End Of This Course. This course starts you on your journey of integrating primary palliative care into your daily lives. COURSE 3 of 7. The rehabilitation staff nurse assists clients in adapting to an altered lifestyle, while providing a therapeutic environment for client's and their family's development. Expert Hint: Make yourself clear on all devices by sending a PDF resume. Change dressings, insert catheters, start IVs. Last Name. It should be brief and to the point while also making a strong impact. Responsible for monitoring patient's condition regularly and charting utilizing "Horizon Expert Documentation" (hed). Interact with physicians, therapists, and other nurses on a healthcare team. Assesses and evaluates staffing patterns for proper utilization of personnel in relation to patient needs in assigned units Supervises nursing staff in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating delivery of patient care and assists multidisciplinary treatment teams in communicating and coordinating patient care
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